Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm back...

Alright, been spending some time on this I just suddenly came to the conclusion. I will continue writing randoms stuffs from time to time starting today. So fellas(if anyone is even bothered to reading this load of crap), I will need your support in the coming future. But first, the introduction of my BRAINY SPECS~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Surprise~

Walao.....months wasted.....AGAIN!!! Hmm.....I was thinking using this blog to talk about plastic modals and about that?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

11months wasted juz like that....haiz...

Haiz..... haven't up for soooooo long..... Kanasai man.... But seriously lor... got nothing to write about because everyday still the same shit everyday....only got problems and some annying things.... Well, shit happens....but luckily, games and songs are the ones that kept me going(hell man, course la... da kei most of the time....zha kei in my car with rock and metal.....till deaf ppl can hear also....). And I haven't got accident on the road so far...( Ngor Choi!!!)

Haha.....within these months....I've been that damn 7 emo....ya emo all the time man...haiz...but sometimes it helps...list of songs I've been listening:

1.Tell Me It's Not Over - Starsailor
2.Platinum smile - Riyu Kosaka
3.The kill - 30seconds to Mars
4.Daybreak's bell - L'arc Ciel
5.Cross my heart - Daybreak
6.Love Sensation - Skankfunk
7.Redemption - Gackt
8.Velonica - Aquatimez
9.Price of freedom - Final fantasy ochestra team
10.Sagittarius - Suemitsu & The Suemith

Yup.... sienz......zzz

Games played
1.FF:Crisis core
2.Left 4 dead
4.FEAR:Extraction Point
5.Call of Duty 4
6.Devil may cry 4
7.Metal Gear 3:Snake eater
8.Onimusha 3 (repeat 5 times)
10.Star wars battle front

7 Sien man....also not much movie to watch and start college jor...diao........ C 1st la, got rubbbish to tell then you c

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A poor guy .... me

A poor noob like me, I actually spent money on the model kits and I for some reason keep forgetting to buy the tools. I started by using scissors on a G-generation Rx93 Nu Gundam I bought for approx 6USD. It was considered cheap to some people....

Yep,that's the 1. My first model kit. And believe me..... You guys don't wanna know how it looked.....

The second Gundam Kit was the two above..... Believe it or not, a tip I got from an unreliable friend. He told me to use nail clippers. The Two Gundams turned out kinda good, least better than my first..... but sometime later the parts begin to fell apart.

(Basic Tools needed)

To all dudes!! Please take note!! Tools are essential in order to build a good model kit!!! This includes all such as the pliers, plastic cement, the colours and many more.I realized that when I began my 3rd model kit. Which is a Golden Astray(Below)...

During that time(bout 3 years ago), I only got my hands on the pliers. It made my work much easier. But due to the lack of the lining. It looked kinda dull.....Crap.... What to do? I was a super noob that time. I juz know how to fix and build. I know nothing bout colouring, lining and customizing.

After years of research and asking for tips fom the pros. I have to say for myself that I did a good job on my recent work, Gundam Dynames.

I did a way better work than my previous ones. I applied cement, line it and assembled it in a perfect order. The process took me bout 3-4 hours

As you can see, the GN drive looks more detailed than it is before.

It looks way better than all the previous ones I've built....

OOOKKKKAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the poses I worked on it for sometime... >.<

Ready for Combat!!!!

Though this is not a MG..... the joints system is quite impressive. Giving it to perform a sniping pose easily....

Okay..this is my personal favourite... the light effect gives it a cool picture